Here’s some of the most entertaining reads of the past week, you know…


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“The greatest rapper of all time, died on March 9th.”


The bullpen door opens. It’s him, he’s the guy, the guy that’s going to seal the deal. The final nail in the coffin. It’s the 9th, the most important inning and in his hands is where you want the ball to be. Bases empty or juiced, he’s that guy.

You know it’s him, ‘cuase you heard the dong of the bells, the slow somber bells; followed by the hard electric guitar… then the drums… then the beat explodes and he appears through the swung bullpen doors… Trevor Hoffman.

The music hits you, the slow start creating anticipation as you recognize the song, the rhythm grabs you and then it explodes into intimidation as you sing the words getting ready for the 9th. It’s the closer.

The entrance music for the closer sets the stage for the 9th inning. The music creates an atmosphere at the park. An atmosphere of intimidation to the guys on the other side. It let’s them know, you’re here to close the deal, it’s over. Some closers in the majors really got the right song for entering into a save situation. What would make a good song for the situation? Well it would be a song that would have to

  1. Slow Start – the song would have to have a slower introduction, one that’s recognizable and builds anticipation before the song really gets going.
  2. Recognizable – a song that is recognizable to the majority of people; even those who aren’t regular listeners of that genre can recognize the song.
  3. Intimidating – a song that is hard, loud, rough, instills fear. Genre’s like metal, hard rock, even some hip hop could work, but you can’t have a closer come into a game to a Boyz II Men song.

Some of the closers in this league got some really good music that they enter to. Here’s a list of some of the ones I feel are really good and the few that make me scratch my head.

The Good

Trevor Hoffman: AC/DC – Hells Bells

Mariano Rivera: Metallica – Enter Sandman

Keith Foulke: Danzig – Mother

Billy Wagner: Metallica – Enter Sandman

Jonathan Papelbon: Dropkick Murphys – Shipping Up to Boston (This only works in Boston)

Chad Qualls: Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name of

Jose Valverde: Notorious B.I.G. Big Poppa (Love this one, click his name, take a look at the man, then you’ll see why)

Troy Percival: Godsmack – Keep Away

Huston Street: Nas – Hate Me Now

Rob Nen: Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water

John Smoltz: AC/DC – Thunderstruck

Eric Gagne: Guns N Roses – Welcome to the Jungle

Fernando Rodney: Angel y Khriz – Ven Ballalo (Gotta have some latin flavor)

The Bad

Jonathan Broxton: Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode

Armando Benitez: Jay-Z – Big Pimpin’ (I remember jamming it up to this song back in 99/00, but I think this jam would be a better intro for a catcher as he walks to the plate. As my boy eyebleaf over at Sports And The City said of one Raul Chavez, who’s got a rocket for an arm behind the plate, and I quote “He throws bitches out like a pimip”.)

Brad Lidge: Drowning Pool – The Game

The Ugly

Brandon Lyon (Red Sox): The Lion Sleeps Tonight

I wonder what Scott “The Snake” Downs’ entrance music is. If he doesn’t have one maybe we could come up with one for him. I’m thinking going with the whole snake theme, he could go with Jake “The Snake” Roberts theme from the WWF. Not a really intimidating song, but got a decent intro. Or maybe he could go with M.O.P. – Ante Up… that songs hard, rough, grimey, gets you fired up. Or maybe Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Child.

What would you pick as your entrance music?

The movie Notorious comes out today.  I still remember back in November when I first found out about this movie.  I mean, a full out movie about Biggie Smalls aka Biggie aka Notorious B.I.G. aka Big Poppa aka The Black Frank White aka Christopher Wallace.  R.I.P.    I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a movie, except Transformers.  I’m listening to “Ready to Die” as I write this.  Possibly one of the greatest Hip Hop albums ever made.   For those of you who don’t know… Now you know…  

Those of you that know me, know what a Hip Hop Head I am and while I always say DJ Premier is a Hip Hop God to me, Biggie Smalls is a very close second.   I don’t think there was anyone better on a Premier beat that Biggie.  I still remember all the Tupac vs Biggie debates when I was in high school, and while you truly can’t compare the two, I always thought and always will think that Biggie was better.  Biggie’s flow was incomparable, his word play was just flat out CRAZY!  Biggie had the ability to get you out ya seat and say… “OH SHIT, THAT WAS DOPE.”   Even 12 years after his death, there isn’t a rapper today that could compare to Biggies flow.   I get chills thinking of Biggie rapping over some of today’s beats.  

I remember this one story  I heard Premier tell about Biggie.  He was on the corner of Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, freestyling.  No deal, no recognition, he didn’t have shit.  Premier was established putting out Gang Starr records and knew Biggie as the young kid on the corner.   As Premier walked by, Biggie called out to him and said, “One day I’ma rhyme over one of ya beats.”  Well,  he did, better than any other rapper ever did.

Now… I don’t know if this movie will do Biggie Smalls’ story any justice.  I don’t know if the movie will be any good.  Good or bad, who gives a fuck.  It’s Biggie Smalls, and if you’re a Head, you go watch it just out of respect for in my mind the greatest rapper of all time.  So from Mississippi down to the East Coast go watch this movie ’cause you know… Biggie, Biggie Smalls is the ILLEST.

I’ll leave you a few Biggie Videos for you to enjoy in honor of today.