LeBron James took home the first of many MVP awards today. LBJ is a man among boys on the basketball court. It was just a matter of time till King James took home the MVP award. In all honesty, this should be the King’s second MVP award, he was robbed last year. LeBron was the MVP, not Kobe Bryant.

LeBron chose to accept the award in his old high school gym saying “This is a place where all my dreams started and where I thought they could become real,” James said in accepting the award at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. “There’s really not a better place.”

What athelete today do you know accepts his award at his old high school. That just shows how connected LeBron is to his community, to where he came from. That’s what makes him so appealing. His teamates, peers, coaches and fans all love him. Today most athelete’s have a disconnect with the fans, LeBron has found that connection. His persona, his character are genuine and fans can see that and are drawn to it.

I just hope fans realize how lucky we are to be watching this guy play. He’s a combination of Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan. LeBron, go and get your first of many championships this year so your legacy can begin. A legacy that will end with you being the greatest player to ever play on the hardcourt. Sorry Michael.