IdiotsA few Friday nights ago I was driving home from a friend’s place.  It was around 2 am and I was listening to the Fan590, as per the usual.  For those of you wondering, the Fan590 is a sports talk radio station.   It’s pretty much the only radio station I listen to, since most of the music stations on the dial here in Toronto are absolute GARBAGE.  That’s right FLOW, you’re GARBAGE.       

Anyway, this Friday night I decided to flip through and, surprise surprise, ended up on FLOW 93.5, Toronto’s only exclusive hip hop, r&b and reggae radio station.   However, they were playing house music.  I’ve got to admit, I love house music.  And this was sick house music.  I was feeling it, and wondering where Flow was broadcasting from.   After about a hype 20 minute set the DJ came on and started to speak.  It was one DJ Tricky Moreira.  That’s when things turned shitty.   He sat there and spoke over the music for a good 20 minutes.  TWENTY GOD DAMN MINUTES.  Does this guy not understand the concept of a radio station?  People tune in to hear MUSIC.   Not Tricky Moreira. Music.  Tricky proved that he’s an extremely talented DJ, without a doubt, but someone needs to tell him to just shut up and play music.  It was brutal hearing him ramble on and on about pointless drivel.   The worst was when he started promoting him self to women.  It was pathetic.  He sounded like an e-harmony commercial.    I had to change the station ’cause while the music he was playing was dope, the man just wouldn’t shut up.

Then there was Saturday night.  I’m sitting down with a beer, along with my paps, enjoying the first period of the Leafs and Canucks hockey game.  Then came the first intermission and a couple of Canadian icons, Don Cherry and Ron Maclean.   I used to be a Don Cherry fan, when I was younger.  Now, not so much.  He did his thing, and went off on yet another rant about head shots.  However, he placed the blame squarely on European players.  The basis of his argument was that European players come into the NHL with their visors, or sheilds as Cherry likes to call them, and change the culture of the game.  

Don Cherry, you are a bumbling idiot.   Really, head shots are a result of Europeans?   Have you lost your damn mind?   Head shots are a result of kids not being properly taught to hit when they’re young.  Head shots are a result of ridiculously big and hard equipment which the NHL needs to regulate.   Head shots keep happening because the NHL doesn’t dole out punishment worthy of the crime.  Not because of Europeans you old, whiny, xenophobic prick.  Also, this so called hatred of “sheilds,” let’s look at some players who wear them: Sakic, Iginla, Crosby, Tangauy, Neidermayer.  They are GOOD OLD CANADIAN BOYS Mr. Don Cherry.  So what’s your argument now? 


Tricky Moreira & Don Cherry, please, SHUT UP.