He Plax, guns are not toys.

Cheddar Burress

So the story is that Plaxico Burress was involved in a shooting at a New York club on Friday night.   And the reports from various sources claim that the moron shot himself in his right thigh while at a club called the Latin Quarter.   I guess the gun went off when the jackass was doing the merengue.   When I first heard the story on the radio I thought to myself, why in god’s name does this fool have a gun?   I know Plax isn’t exactly the brightest of characters, so maybe he thought it was a water gun.  Yup, he probably thought it was a water gun.  

Every week it’s something new with this guy.  One week his wife is calling the police on him, then another week he’s suspended for missing a team meeting.   He Plax, if practices are a problem, I’ll gladly trade places with you.   I’d be happy to attend every practice and make millions of dollars a year.   

Plax, in case you haven’t noticed, the Giants are winning without you.  In the NFL where contracts are NOT guaranteed, i’d be worried about my job if I were you.  But again, we all know Plax isn’t really the sharpest tool in the shed.  

If anything, at least Plaxico is always good for a laugh.  Here’s looking forward to 5 more weeks of Cheddar Burress.