What up Toronto?

It’s May, the weather is consistently in the mid teens and it’s officially patio weather. What this also means is that most of ya’ll will be heading downtown on the regular. Regardless of how you get downtown, one thing is sure, you’re gonna need something to vibe to. Wether it’s in your ride with the windows rolled down driving 2 miles an hour so everyone can see you; or in your ipod, I got you covered. Hip Hop, House and everything in between, these mixtapes will have you bumpin’ your head all summer long.

DJ M-Rock 

The Best of A Tribe Called Quest


DJ Surreal Sound 

The Last Stand Mixtape (Hip Hop)


Soul Shocker


DJ Miss Kittie

Blahzay Blah


Boot Camp Kit Sessions V.7


I haven’t written here in almost 6 months. You’re probably sitting there wondering why. Well I had life to take care of. I got pretty busy working on my masters. Well now that my Masters is completed. Completed it on December 18th, 2009. It’s time to get back to the Internets.

I want to start of 2010 the right way. First be encouraging everyone to donate to the Canadian Red Cross’ Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund.

Next on the agenda, is to introduce all you fine folks to a very talented man. DJ SURREAL SOUND. DJ Surreal Sound is an incredibly talented DJ from Toronto. He’s the resident DJ for a party called Hip Hop Love, which is by far the best Hip Hop part you will ever be to. Those of you in the Toronto area, have to check this guy out. I also highly recommend downloading any of his podcasts to jam to. You will not be disappointed.