After spending a long time contemplating starting a blog I finally decided to go ahead and do it.   First and foremost I would like to give a lot of thanks to my friend over at Sports And The City for the encouragement. He pushed me for some time to get on this.  Well eyebeleaf, it has begun and i’m excited.  

After a painstaking two weeks searching for a title, I had another dilemna.  What should be my first post?  I had a few ideas, but what would be worthy of my first ever post.  My first post to the world.  While driving home the other night it hit me.  Oddly enough my most provocative thought process takes place while i’m driving.  I live in Mississauga, I do a lot of god damn lot of driving.

Anyways, back to the subject of the post.  Well, it’s sports.  What about sports?  Everything.  I lived overseas last year without any sort of cable and well… I didn’t catch a single hockey, baseball, basketball, football game for the whole year.   Of course I did follow sports online, but I wasn’t able to watch a single game for an entire year.  It was most definitely the hardest thing i’ve ever had to do.   I’m a sports junkie.  I’m addicted.  I’m a sportsaholic and proud of it.  

What’s worse, I might have possibly  missed one of the greatest sports years in history.  The remarkable undefeated season by the Patriots, who went on to be involved in one of the greatest Super Bowl finishes in recent memory.  The dominating season of the Celtics.  I can’t believe I missed watching them destroy Kobe in the Finals.  It really hurt that I wasn’t able to watch Kobe get dominated.  I missed watching the Boston Red Sox come back from being 3 – 1 down in the ALCS.  Then again, maybe it’s better that I missed that.  I have a bitter dislike for the Red Sox and Sox Nation.  I also missed every single game of my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs.  Many friends said to me that it was a blessing I missed the Leafs painful season last year.  I disagree, win or lose, to miss every game last year was actually very depressing. 

What I missed the most however, was the boys getting together to watch the game.  With everyones busy lives, sports always remained our common denominator.   Sports would bring us together.  I missed the sports road trips, two of them in fact.  One of which was to hallowed Yankee Stadium.  I’ll never get to watch a game in that historical ball park, which is something I always wanted to do.  I missed out on a full year of ball hockey.  Playing between the pipes every Sunday kept me in shape and was something I looked forward to every week.  

Since i’ve been back I’ve been in sports heaven.  The radio is set to Fan 590 on a daily basis.  I’ve made a concious effort to catch every Jays, Leafs, Raps and NFL game possible.  My homepage is yahoo sports.  I’ll be starting ball hockey in about 3 weeks. 

I missed out on sports for a year, but now that i’m home, maybe we can start again.