The movie Notorious comes out today.  I still remember back in November when I first found out about this movie.  I mean, a full out movie about Biggie Smalls aka Biggie aka Notorious B.I.G. aka Big Poppa aka The Black Frank White aka Christopher Wallace.  R.I.P.    I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a movie, except Transformers.  I’m listening to “Ready to Die” as I write this.  Possibly one of the greatest Hip Hop albums ever made.   For those of you who don’t know… Now you know…  

Those of you that know me, know what a Hip Hop Head I am and while I always say DJ Premier is a Hip Hop God to me, Biggie Smalls is a very close second.   I don’t think there was anyone better on a Premier beat that Biggie.  I still remember all the Tupac vs Biggie debates when I was in high school, and while you truly can’t compare the two, I always thought and always will think that Biggie was better.  Biggie’s flow was incomparable, his word play was just flat out CRAZY!  Biggie had the ability to get you out ya seat and say… “OH SHIT, THAT WAS DOPE.”   Even 12 years after his death, there isn’t a rapper today that could compare to Biggies flow.   I get chills thinking of Biggie rapping over some of today’s beats.  

I remember this one story  I heard Premier tell about Biggie.  He was on the corner of Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, freestyling.  No deal, no recognition, he didn’t have shit.  Premier was established putting out Gang Starr records and knew Biggie as the young kid on the corner.   As Premier walked by, Biggie called out to him and said, “One day I’ma rhyme over one of ya beats.”  Well,  he did, better than any other rapper ever did.

Now… I don’t know if this movie will do Biggie Smalls’ story any justice.  I don’t know if the movie will be any good.  Good or bad, who gives a fuck.  It’s Biggie Smalls, and if you’re a Head, you go watch it just out of respect for in my mind the greatest rapper of all time.  So from Mississippi down to the East Coast go watch this movie ’cause you know… Biggie, Biggie Smalls is the ILLEST.

I’ll leave you a few Biggie Videos for you to enjoy in honor of today.

Who’s world is this?  The world is yours, the world is yours…


It’s 2009.  It’s my world this year.   It’s my time to shine.  Two thousand and mutherfucking eight is finally over.  It’s already history.   Everyone’s talking about “change.”  That seems to be the word for 2009.  Not for me, it’s “ressurection.”  The ressurection of my life.  I got big plans for you 2009.   I start grad school next week and more importantly finally start the path to my career.  A career it took me a long time to find.  I found you, and like a 15 year old writing to the girl who gave him his first kiss, i’m gonna hold on to you forever.   

I’ve spent my life saying, i’m going to do this, and i’m going to do that.  This year… I WILL DO THIS and I WILL DO THAT.   They say, everthing happens for a reason.  Well i’m not going to let things happen for a reason this year.  I’m going to make them happen, then the reason will be… ME.   I got fire in me baby.   I’m hungry.  I’ma street rapper from Brooklyn in the early 90’s looking to get that deal.   I told you I was hungry.