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Last Saturday at about 8 at night a couple of friends and I decided to hop in a car and make the drive to Cooperstown, NY to watch Roberto Alomar get inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame. The first player ever go into the hall in a Blue Jays cap. So around 2 am we hoped into the car and made the 6 hour drive. I’m so glad that we did.

Many Canadians made the drive to Cooperstown, which was expected. What I personally didn’t expect was the large number of Puerto Rican baseball fans. The Puerto Rico flags were out in full force in support of Alomar. I knew that Alomar was revered in his home town of Salinas, Puerto Rico, however I never expected it to be on this level. Many were from the US, but a few had made the trip from Salinas. I’m glad that they did make the trip, because they truly made the atmosphere something special. Something I’m glad I was a part of.

While Roberto’s speech wasn’t the greatest, due to English being his second language, it was heart-felt. He started his speech in Spanish, which was a beautiful touch. I just wish I understood Spanish. Judging from the reaction of the Puerto Rican fans, they definitely approved of what he said. What I personally loved about his speech was the fact that he thanked every organization he ever played for, leaving Toronto for last. As he spoke of his time in Toronto, I felt like I was 11 again, watching my favorite player. Roberto Alomar was the reason I fell in love with this great game of baseball. It’s only fitting that I was there to watch him get inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame.

On a side note. If you ever plan on making the trip down to Cooperstown. You MUST go to the Cooperstown Diner and have the Cinnamon Roll French Toast. It is quite possibly one of the greatest things I’ve ever eaten.

Great shot found on blogTO

Today is the Toronto Blue Jays home opener. The 35th in their history and the game is sold out. Say what you will about the Rogers Center, but when you fit 52,383 people in there for baseball, it’s an amazing atmosphere. Me and the boys are taking in our 10th consecutive home opener. It’s become a tradition for us. I’m very excited for tonight. I’ll see you at the ball park.

I love hats. All sorts of hats. Baseball caps, fedoras, toques. In fact, it’s rare to find me without a hat on. Baseball caps are my favorite. In fact, I collect them. Currently I have 12 different baseball caps. My goal is to have every hat of every baseball team. That includes the hats from the past and the present. Here is a list of my 10 favorite baseball caps of all time. Hope you enjoy the list.

10. Boston Red Sox New Era Alternate cap – Love the simplicity of the socks on this cap. Again, love the cap, despise the team.

9.  Oakland Athletics New Era Authentic cap – Always loved this hat. It’s a classic, love the colours as well as the font.

8. Chicago White Sox New Era Authentic cap – Love the font on this cap. Has a classic feel.

7. Detroit Tigers New Era Authentic cap – Love the font on this cap. Another timeless classic.

6. New York Yankees New Era Authentic cap – Love the cap, absolutely despise the team. It’s a timeless cap.

5. Baltimore Orioles New Era Cooperstown cap – Love the logo on this hat. Much better than the plain bird of today.

4. Pittsburgh Pirates New Era Cooperstown cap – Love the colours and the way that “P” looks. Classic hat.

3. Milwaukee Brewers New Era Cooperstown cap – This cap is absolute genius. A baseball glove that also has the “M” and “b” for the city and team name. Also love the colours.

2. Montreal Expos New Era Cooperstown cap – A beautiful cap with a great logo.

1. Toronto Blue Jays New Era Cooperstown cap – Call me a homer, but in my opinion this is the greatest hat ever made.

I’d like to welcome the new manager of the Toronto Blue Jays, John Farrell.

He’s one of us now. There will be times where we will scrutinize him. Curse him. Cheer him. Praise him. But through it all, he is one of us.

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