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What up Toronto?

It’s May, the weather is consistently in the mid teens and it’s officially patio weather. What this also means is that most of ya’ll will be heading downtown on the regular. Regardless of how you get downtown, one thing is sure, you’re gonna need something to vibe to. Wether it’s in your ride with the windows rolled down driving 2 miles an hour so everyone can see you; or in your ipod, I got you covered. Hip Hop, House and everything in between, these mixtapes will have you bumpin’ your head all summer long.

DJ M-Rock 

The Best of A Tribe Called Quest


DJ Surreal Sound 

The Last Stand Mixtape (Hip Hop)


Soul Shocker


DJ Miss Kittie

Blahzay Blah


Boot Camp Kit Sessions V.7


I love hats. All sorts of hats. Baseball caps, fedoras, toques. In fact, it’s rare to find me without a hat on. Baseball caps are my favorite. In fact, I collect them. Currently I have 12 different baseball caps. My goal is to have every hat of every baseball team. That includes the hats from the past and the present. Here is a list of my 10 favorite baseball caps of all time. Hope you enjoy the list.

10. Boston Red Sox New Era Alternate cap – Love the simplicity of the socks on this cap. Again, love the cap, despise the team.

9.  Oakland Athletics New Era Authentic cap – Always loved this hat. It’s a classic, love the colours as well as the font.

8. Chicago White Sox New Era Authentic cap – Love the font on this cap. Has a classic feel.

7. Detroit Tigers New Era Authentic cap – Love the font on this cap. Another timeless classic.

6. New York Yankees New Era Authentic cap – Love the cap, absolutely despise the team. It’s a timeless cap.

5. Baltimore Orioles New Era Cooperstown cap – Love the logo on this hat. Much better than the plain bird of today.

4. Pittsburgh Pirates New Era Cooperstown cap – Love the colours and the way that “P” looks. Classic hat.

3. Milwaukee Brewers New Era Cooperstown cap – This cap is absolute genius. A baseball glove that also has the “M” and “b” for the city and team name. Also love the colours.

2. Montreal Expos New Era Cooperstown cap – A beautiful cap with a great logo.

1. Toronto Blue Jays New Era Cooperstown cap – Call me a homer, but in my opinion this is the greatest hat ever made.

The World Cup is a few days away. Are you excited? I am. It’s the best sports tournament in the world. For one month, 32 countries will play to see who is the best. Brazil and Spain seem to be the front runners. Brazil and Germany are always the safe bets. My question however, who has the sexiest women? So I thought i’d prepare all of you for the world cup with a poll. Which of the 32 Countries in the world cup has the sexiest women. Vote as many times as you like.

Group A

South Africa

Charlize Theron


This beauty from Johannesburg is best known for her roles in Hancock and Monster.


Salma Hayek


This beauty from Veracruz caught every man’s attention with her role in the movie Desperado.


Barbara Mori

(Super Model)

Born in Montevideo, she stated, she did not want to be a sex symbol. Too late. She is now set to appear in Bollywood.


Eva Green


This French beauty born in Paris was the classy and sexy bond girl in Casino Royale.

Group B


Carolina Ardohain


This Argentinian model has graced the cover Maxim and was the official mascot for the futbol team at 2002 World Cup.


Oluchi Onweagba


From the suburbs of Lagos, at 16 she won the “Face of Africa” contest.

South Korea

Yunjin Kim


She was born in Seoul, but grew up in Staten Island. She is best known for her role as Sun on Lost.


Evelina Papantoniou


Born in Athens, this Greek goddess placed 1st runner up in the Miss Universe 2001 pageant.

Group C


Keira Knightley


This is one beauty that you could look at and listen to all day.


Megan Fox


From Tennessee, this sex symbol became the fantasy of every man after Transformers.


Sabrina Arab


This Algerian beauty was named Arab’s Top Model in 2008.


Melania Trump


This stunning model is married to Donal Trump. I guess when you’re that rich, it doesn’t matter what you look like.

Group D


Heidi Klum

(Super Model)

This Victoria Secret model is a household name, as well as graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.


Krystal Forscutt


Looking to make a career in hollywood, this beauty was once the biggest reality tv star down under.


Ana Ivanovic

(Tennis Star)

She hit #1 in the world in 2008. Sexy and athletic. The perfect combination.


Jennifer Victoria Koranteng

(Miss Ghana 2009)

She’s not only a beauty queen, but has a degree in Psychology.

Group E


Doutzen Kroes

(Victoria Secret Model)

Not only does she have her own wax figure in Amsterdamn, she also likes to date DJ’s and rappers.


Connie Nielsen


This Danish beauty is best known for her role opposite Russel Crowe in Gladiator.


Reon Kadena


While most of us in North America don’t know who she is, she is a superstar in Japan.


Mingana Fochive Danielle Frankie

(Miss Africa USA 2008)

Born in Cameroon, she has spent most of her life in the US.

Group F


Monica Bellucci


It’s no wonder this Italian beauty once topped Askmen’s 100 Most Beautiful Women.


Leryn Franco


She competed in the 2004 & 2008 Olympics in the sport of Javelin. She definitely knows how to handle a stick.

New Zealand

Hayley Holt


She is a household name thanks the New Zealand’s version of Dancing With The Stars.


Adriana Sklenarikova


This stunning beauty gave up medical school to become a model. Definitely the right choice.

Group G


Adriana Lima

(Super Model)

Marko Jaric is possibly the luckiest man alive, married to this beauty.

North Korea

Couldn’t find anyone. Kim Jong-il probably keeps them for himself.

Ivory Coast

Rosine Gnago Dacoury

(Miss Ivory Coast 2009)


Andreia Rodrigues

(Miss Portugal 2008)

She said she loves to have the scent of her man on her.

Group H


Penelope Cruz


She got her breakthrough alongside Johnny Depp in Blow.


Michelle Hunziker


This Swiss beauty is a mainstay on Italian and German television.


Karla Molina

This beauty grew up in L.A. and got into modeling so she would get recognized. Check.


Leonor Varela


This sexy star showed us how sexy vampires could be in Blade II.