Here’s some of the most entertaining reads of the past week, you know…


Landing In Mumbai Season 2 Episode 5.

The most unusual sports venues.

 Incredibly ignorant comments in defence of Joe Paterno.

Toronto glass condos could face a short life span.

Notorious B.I.G. calms crying baby.

Good article on the NBA lockout.

Before you take out a $80,000 loan for college, watch this expose.

Sad story about a 16 year old losing his life on the ice.

This definitely HAS to be done. Glass walkway, 4000 ft above a ravine.

So that’s what going 462 mph looks like. I got next.

Toronto interested in the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Politichicks. A conservative version of the view. These chicks are insane.

Mila Kunis (my future wife) is amazing, and has found the cure for the cold?

The Toronto Blue Jays new logo. It’s a beauty.

A picture of a booth at a Mental Hospital themed restaurant in Tokyo.

Monster dog for sale, with a great street name.

Why Heavy D. matters.

Here’s some of the most entertaining reads of the past week, you know…



Landing In Mumbai Season 2 Episode 4.

The 5 best MLB uniform changes over the last 20 years.

Mike Tyson as Herman Cain Part 2.

Author of “Whore of Akron” delivering book personally to LeBron James.

Trying to understand the riots at Beaver Canyon after Joe Paterno was fired.

The real genius of Steve Jobs.

Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos kidnapped.

Mark Madden wrote about Jerry Sandusky’s sex scandal back in April.

Tony Reali does Goodfellas on the set of Around The Horn.

US wealth gap between young and old is widest ever.

Great piece on Joe Frazier.

100 Twitter Accounts every sports fan should follow.

Remembering Heavy D.

ESPN dropped the ball on the Penn State riots.

The more money you make, the more fast food you eat.

7 Things you should always take to the bar.

This 3D Lego Chalk Art is friking AWESOME!





Oh Canada

Oh Canada

Happy Canada Day.

Be proud that we live in Canada where…

Health care is free.

Our beer is not watered down.

We are recognized for peace not war.

Hockey is not just a game, it’s a religion.

Different cultures live together in harmony.


WBCTo get rid of the awful taste in my mouth by Canada’s performance at the World Baseball Classic, I decided to run my own WBC tournament. The World Babe Classic. That’s right, the same countries as the baseball classic with the same groups. You will vote on which country has the hottest women, and the two countries with most votes from every group will advance to a tournament like elimination format. 



Pool A 


Li Gong



Chinese Taipei

Lucy Lui




Devon Aoki

(Super model)



Yunjin Kim

(Super model)

Pool B



Krystal Forscutt

(Super model)



Eva Mendes




Salma Hayek



South Africa

Charlize Theron


Pool C



Elisha Cuthbert




Monica Bellucci




Megan Fox




Dayana Mendoza

(Miss Universe 2008)




Pool D

Dominican Republic

Dania Ramirez



Doutzen Kroes

(Victoria Secret model)


Carolina Dementiev Justavino

(Miss Panama 2008)

Puerto Rico

Roselyn Sanchez





Who’s world is this?  The world is yours, the world is yours…


It’s 2009.  It’s my world this year.   It’s my time to shine.  Two thousand and mutherfucking eight is finally over.  It’s already history.   Everyone’s talking about “change.”  That seems to be the word for 2009.  Not for me, it’s “ressurection.”  The ressurection of my life.  I got big plans for you 2009.   I start grad school next week and more importantly finally start the path to my career.  A career it took me a long time to find.  I found you, and like a 15 year old writing to the girl who gave him his first kiss, i’m gonna hold on to you forever.   

I’ve spent my life saying, i’m going to do this, and i’m going to do that.  This year… I WILL DO THIS and I WILL DO THAT.   They say, everthing happens for a reason.  Well i’m not going to let things happen for a reason this year.  I’m going to make them happen, then the reason will be… ME.   I got fire in me baby.   I’m hungry.  I’ma street rapper from Brooklyn in the early 90’s looking to get that deal.   I told you I was hungry.

I’m looking outside my window.  All I see is a bed of white.  It’s the first snow fall of the season.  I admit I’ve been waiting for this.  Why you ask?  I missed winter last year.   I missed it becuase I wasn’t here.  I was in Doha, Qatar getting a year round tan.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I missed it.  My family and friends filled me in on all the horror stories from last winter.   But, I still missed the snow.  Tomorrow morning as i’m shoveling the driveway will be a whole different story.  It’s great to be home.