October 2010

I’d like to welcome the new manager of the Toronto Blue Jays, John Farrell.

He’s one of us now. There will be times where we will scrutinize him. Curse him. Cheer him. Praise him. But through it all, he is one of us.

Here are some great thoughts on the Jays hiring Farrell by far brighter baseball bloggers.

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Bluebird Banter – It is true: John Farrell is our new Manager.

Now that picture right there is a thing of beauty. I know what you’re thinking. Another delusional Maple Leafs fan over reacting to a hot start. Nope. That’s not it.

It’s early in a long season. The Maple Leafs will not go undefeated, unless I’m playing NHL 09 for Xbox 360 on the rookie level. That hasn’t happened since December 2008, the rookie level I mean. The Maple Leafs will not win the Stanley Cup. I do expect the Maple Leafs to make the playoffs, for one simple reason. NO TOSKALA.

Truth is, I don’t know how the rest of this season will unfold. Right now I just want to live in the moment, and appreciate that picture above.