I came across this feed on twitter. Complex magazine compiled Hip-Hop’s 50 Greatest Album Covers, in their opinion. Anyone who knows me, knows my love affair with Hip-Hop. I grew up on Hip-Hop in the 90’s. Educated myself on Hip-Hop from the 80’s. So this article was very interesting. Also very disappointing. In my personal opinion, a lot of the album covers did not belong on that list. A lot of Hip-Hop album covers are the same. They feature the artist or group posing. That’s not original or eye-catching. It’s boring. Sadly this list features a lot of them. But, what’s great about Hip-Hop and art is that everyone looks at it from a different view.

Take a look at the list. What album covers do you think should have been included? Which ones should have been left off?


My favorite album cover is the Redman cover featured above. It ranked 49 on the list.