1958 - 2009. The greatest of all time.

1958 - 2009. The greatest of all time.

I’m still in disbelief. He’s gone, he’s really gone. One of my childhood idols is dead. It was about 3 pm yesterday afternoon when a friend of mine had his facebook status as “R.I.P. Michael Jackson”. I immediately turned on the news to find that earlier in the afternoon he suffered cardiac arrest and had been rushed to the hospital. After his death was confirmed, I felt saddened.

I remember being 5 years old in Bombay, India watching Moonwalker on my vcr over and over. I remember saying to myself one day I will own that yellow suit. I used to love that yellow suit. I thought it was so cool. I remember constantly rewinding the song Smooth Criminal over and over trying to do the dance moves.

MJ revolutionized the music industry. He truly was a musical genius. A gifted performer and the greatest entertainer this world has ever seen. I still in my heart believe if Billie Jean were to come out today it would hit #1. My MJ CD’s will be in heavy rotation for the next few weeks.

While the media here in North America loved Michael for all the scandals, he was possibly the most adored and beloved man on this planet. His popularity was still very prominent outside of North America across the other six continents. Michael might have been the most popular man there has ever been across the world. But through all the love and adoration that poured out for him during his life, his life was one that was tragic. He never knew a normal life, a normal childhood.¬†While Michael’s life took many different twists and turns, I hope history will remember him for his music, and the smiles he provided worldwide and not his trials.

Here’s to you Micheal Jackson, the greatest entertainer this world has ever known. I hope you finally have your peace.