May 2009

This is why he is the best player in the world right now, and will eventually become the greatest player of all time.





How sweet it is

How sweet it is


As I was driving back from grad school in Buffalo last night my radio was glued to the Fan 590. Absolutely nothing was going to take my attention away from Doc Halladay putting on a clinic against former Jay A.J. Burnett. A.J. joined the Dark Side, he is part of the Evil Empire. Doc proved again, that good always triumphs over evil. I only wish I could have been there at the game with the boys enjoying it live. I’m sure my buddy eyebleaf had a few pints on my behalf, while enjoying the meaningful complete e gamfive hitter pitched by the GREAT Doc Halladay.


Yet another high pop out.

Yet another high pop out.

Big Papi Popi has lost it. It’s over, it was a good run. Two World Series, the adoration of a city, it was great, while it lasted. To all the Massholes out there, Big Popi is done, finsihed, finito. He’s lost it, but did he ever really have it?

This may come as a shock to the Boston faithful, but Big Popi was never that great, but rather a product of hitting before Manny Ramirez. Want proof; i’ll give it to you.


David Ortiz’s stats with Minnesota from 1997 to 2002 (without Manny Ramirez).

  G          AB          R          H          HR          RBI          BB          AVG        OBP          SLG 

455     1477       215      393       48            178          186          .232          .325          .386


David Ortiz’s stats with Boston from 2003 to 2007 (with Manny Ramirez).

  G          AB          R          H          HR          RBI          BB          AVG        OBP          SLG

737      2738      523     826       168          642          465          .302          .401          .611


David Ortiz’s stats with Boston in 2008 (half the year with Manny Ramirez).

  G          AB          R          H          HR          RBI          BB          AVG        OBP          SLG

109       416         74       110         23            89             70           .264          .369          .507


David Ortiz’s stats with Boston in 2009 so far. (without Manny Ramirez). (Updated weekly)

  G          AB          R          H          HR          RBI          BB          AVG        OBP          SLG

  39        149         15        30           1              18             22            .201          .309          .309


It’s pretty obvious that Manny Ramirez was the reason for Big Popi’s success. With no Manny hitting behind him, protecting him, pitchers are going after Big Popi and he just can’t get it done. Big Popi must really miss Manny.

 Update – Literally minutes after I put this post on my blog, news broke about Manny Ramirez testing for a banned substance and has been suspended for 50 games. Talk about irony, however it still doesn’t change the fact that Big Papi Popi’s success was still a product of hitting ahead of Man Ram.


Iniesta celebrating after scoring in the 93rd minute to send Barcelona to the Champions League final.

Iniesta celebrating after scoring in the 93rd minute to send Barcelona to the Champion's League final.

It took 3 minutes of extra time for Barcelona to finally find the key to the lock that was Chelsea’s defense. Iniesta’s beautiful strike at ’90 + 3 booked Barcelona a ticket to Rome for the Champions League final on May 27th.


What an incredible game, with an even better finish. Considering the 1st leg went without a goal, it took Barca 183 minutes to finally solve Chelsea. Chelsea struck early at Stanford Bridge, scoring in the 9th minute off the foot of Essien. Chelsea then did what they do best for 84 minutes, defend. It looked like it would be an all England final, till Iniesta broke Chelsea’s hearts in extra time.

It was an absolute bullet of a shot just outside the box on a pass from the great Messi. It was Unexpected, Unconciounable, Unbelievable.

Barca is off to Rome to face Manchester United, in a rematch of last years Champion Leagues semi-final, in which Man U were victorious. Barca should have a much better showing against Man U this year; coming off today’s sublime finish.

LeBron James took home the first of many MVP awards today. LBJ is a man among boys on the basketball court. It was just a matter of time till King James took home the MVP award. In all honesty, this should be the King’s second MVP award, he was robbed last year. LeBron was the MVP, not Kobe Bryant.

LeBron chose to accept the award in his old high school gym saying “This is a place where all my dreams started and where I thought they could become real,” James said in accepting the award at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. “There’s really not a better place.”

What athelete today do you know accepts his award at his old high school. That just shows how connected LeBron is to his community, to where he came from. That’s what makes him so appealing. His teamates, peers, coaches and fans all love him. Today most athelete’s have a disconnect with the fans, LeBron has found that connection. His persona, his character are genuine and fans can see that and are drawn to it.

I just hope fans realize how lucky we are to be watching this guy play. He’s a combination of Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan. LeBron, go and get your first of many championships this year so your legacy can begin. A legacy that will end with you being the greatest player to ever play on the hardcourt. Sorry Michael.