Hope.  Change.  Honesty.   Those aren’t words I’d normally associate with the US government.   Now, I’m not an American but I’m positive most Americans would have agreed with me, well until January 20th, 2009 that is.    After 8 years of having the world get shitted on by failed foreign policies, failed domestic policies and flat out idiocy, there was for the first time, HOPE.   There was a CHANGE in people’s mood.  There was a belief of HONESTY.  

President Barak Obama is the reason.   He is providing hope to so many around the world.  His reach is beyond borders, race, ethnicity, gender, class.  But there’s something else he’s providing which is vital.  Something else not many people are talking about.   He is becoming a role model, a HERO.

For decades, many African-American and other minority kids had only athletes, celebrities and rappers to look up to. They’re vision of a better life was in a jump shot, a movie, or a mic.   They’re heroes wore shorts, or blinged out chains. 

Their new hero is a different one.  Their new hero is a man in a suit with a Harvard Law Degree.   Now their vision of a better life has been altered.  That might be the single most positive change from the Presidency of Barak Obama.