November 2008


He Plax, guns are not toys.

Cheddar Burress

So the story is that Plaxico Burress was involved in a shooting at a New York club on Friday night.   And the reports from various sources claim that the moron shot himself in his right thigh while at a club called the Latin Quarter.   I guess the gun went off when the jackass was doing the merengue.   When I first heard the story on the radio I thought to myself, why in god’s name does this fool have a gun?   I know Plax isn’t exactly the brightest of characters, so maybe he thought it was a water gun.  Yup, he probably thought it was a water gun.  

Every week it’s something new with this guy.  One week his wife is calling the police on him, then another week he’s suspended for missing a team meeting.   He Plax, if practices are a problem, I’ll gladly trade places with you.   I’d be happy to attend every practice and make millions of dollars a year.   

Plax, in case you haven’t noticed, the Giants are winning without you.  In the NFL where contracts are NOT guaranteed, i’d be worried about my job if I were you.  But again, we all know Plax isn’t really the sharpest tool in the shed.  

If anything, at least Plaxico is always good for a laugh.  Here’s looking forward to 5 more weeks of Cheddar Burress.


Are you ready for some football?

Are you ready for some football?

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States. SWEEEEET! You’re probably thinking, what’s up with this weirdo and why does he care about Thanksgiving in the US? Well now, Thursday Thanksgiving in the US means one thing… FOOTBALL! That’s right. FOOTBALL ALL DAY BABY! Three games starting at 12:30 pm. Well, my Thursday is set. I must leave the internets now and go get my proline ticket for the day. Cheers.



The hormones and molucles involved in emotion.

The hormones and molucles involved in emotion.


Does love exist? Think about it for a second. No seriously, stop and think about it for a second.

Does it really exist? We know that a car exists, we can see it, touch it, feel it, buy it. Can we see love? Can we taste it? Can we touch it?

So how can we say it truly exists?

I know what you’re going to say, WE CAN FEEL IT? But how do you know what you are feeling is truly love? We’ve been told it’s love by the media by what we watch. But how do they know? Can they prove that this so called feeling is really love? Trust is, they can’t.

Scientifically speaking, love is not even an emotions. It’s actually a chemical and physiological process that occurs in our brain. The process occurs in the deepest core of our brain known as the reptilian brain (caudate nucleus) . Why reptilian brain? The deepest core of our brain is the oldest part of of our brain, which for the most part has stayed the same for the last 65 million years. This is the part of our brain the controls our lurk our darker, primeval, instinctive behaviors of territoriality, mating and reward-seeking.

The feeling of infatuation is caused by the release of a molecule called PEA into the central nervous system. What does this do, well consider it to be a huge geological and meteorological event in your brain equivalent to earthquakes, cyclones, tsunamis happening in your brain. This causes the release of a chemical called dopamine, dopamine is associated with highly targeted attention, stamina, energy, all focused on reward.

PEA and dopamine drown out another chemical called seratonin which is the main chemical responsible for giving us that “in control” feeling. This is why we feel that we are not in control when we are in so called “love”. People with compulsive disorders also have this same low levels of seratonin and are prescribed Prozac.

When you get to that physical aspect of love, the touching, the kissing the sex, another chemical called oxytocin is released in the brain. Think of it as a HUGE fireworks display in your brain. Oxytocin is responsible for that feeling of high during sex, for that orgasim like sensation.

In fact, people who suffer from Autism usually have much lower levels of this chemical called oxytocin.

So then there’s the big question… What happens first? Does being attracted to someone cause these chemical process inside our brain to take place or do these chemical processes in our brain cause us to find someone and think we are in love.

The theory out there right now is called the “attachment theory” which is based on research that states, mate-seeking, reproducing and reward is are primitive aspects of our species. Suggesting that the chemicals are what cause us to do that which is the most primitive to us, find a mate, look for reward.

So scientifically speaking, love is based on physiological and chemical process that are based on primitive instincts of survival from a part of our brain that has remain unchanged for 65 million years. So therefor love is not an emotion and does not exist.

This past weekend the Montreal Canadiens retired Patrick Roy’s jersey.  The greatest goalie of all time. He revolutionized the position.  It’s great to see his #33 up in the rafters where it belongs.  I grew up watching Patrick Roy play.  I fell in love with the goalie position becuase of Patrick.  Growing up as a young kid he was my idol, he is who I wanted to be.   I leave you with a few vidoes of the great Patrick Roy including his retirement ceremony from Montreal.  Thanks for the memories Patrick.  


Patrick Roy Tribute

Top 10 Patrick Roy Hab moments

Montreal Canadiens #33 Retirement Ceremony Part 1

Montreal Canadiens #33 Retirement Ceremony Part 2

I’m looking outside my window.  All I see is a bed of white.  It’s the first snow fall of the season.  I admit I’ve been waiting for this.  Why you ask?  I missed winter last year.   I missed it becuase I wasn’t here.  I was in Doha, Qatar getting a year round tan.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I missed it.  My family and friends filled me in on all the horror stories from last winter.   But, I still missed the snow.  Tomorrow morning as i’m shoveling the driveway will be a whole different story.  It’s great to be home.